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CLUB OF HOME is located at Vienna’s first district, in one of the liveliest and multifaceted neighbourhoods the city has to offer. The area hosts a vast number of community facilities, cultural institutions, Viennese “Palais”, bars, cafes, and individual businesses. It is also characterised by its diverse cultural offerings, such as theatre and cabaret, the Vienna opera, as well as various galleries and artist’s studios. And, of course, this is a culinary area where you can find everything from hip eatery to star-rated restaurant within walking distance. This diversity adds up to an outstanding quality of life.

The CLUB OF HOME is a meeting place and offers a unique atmosphere. The building blends well into the neighbourhood, especially due to the design concept that incorporated the public surroundings. In this sense, the ground floor merges with the public square towards Renngasse, and a spacious staircase connects the building with “Tiefer Graben”.

The open atmosphere is one of the advantages of living at the CLUB OF HOME. Another one is the possibility to extend daily life to many shared facilities, such as a parlour, a wine cellar, and fitness areas. This is where residents meet, invite their friends, or even host functions. The public facilities, a gallery, a wine bar, and a shop, attract guests from outside and emphasise the cosmopolitan feeling. 

CLUB OF HOME Apartments suit every way of life. Minimalistic materials and shapes highlight the distinct layouts of the flats. Every unit offers a balanced proportion of open and secluded elements, and a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor space. This effect is increased by room-high window elements.

City life at its best, in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. This is where CLUB OF HOME will take its permanent place and create value for residents, locals, as well as for wanderers dropping in.


Club of Home

1010 Wien



75 Wohnungen
6500 m² Wohnnutzfläche

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