Spatial Planning

Spatial Planning

Sustainable and planned development of spatial and settlement structure is becoming more and more important in today’s society. 

Building culture and the protection of historic villages particularly worth preserving are closely connected with regional planning. We support our clients in planning, establishing, and realising spatial strategies. 

Our work includes all subareas of local and supra-local planning, as well as the preservation of historical sites. On a municipal level we develop all formal planning instruments, such as local development concepts, city development concepts, spatial guiding principles, planning schemes, zoning plans, as well as townscape concepts. - From single modifications to overall revisions.

The centre of our work is always the processing of a specific spatial problem statement. For this, we work out a targeted and viable solution in the best interest of our clients. Additional to the statutory planning instruments, we also develop generic strategic concepts for municipalities or regions, elaborate topical surveys, and conduct planning processes.

Local Development Concept and Planning

Local development concepts build the base of spatial development in a municipality. It comprises wording and development planning, that determine the longterm development goals of a municipality. It also contains the targeted regional land use, which serves the prevention of conflicts and the allocation of sites for eligible use.


Planning Scheme

Based on the local development concept, the municipality is structured according to spatial and functional needs. The planning scheme comprises wording and plan presentation, which shows the allocated uses of single properties.


Zoning Plan

The zoning plan regulates the urban development of accurately defined areas. It ensures the orderly allotment and integrated urban design. The planned buildings can also be further defined. The zoning plan comprises wording, regulatory plan, and design concept.