Stabilo Flagshipstore

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The objective of this project was the development of a simple, clearly structured shop system, that meets all requirements without eclipsing the products themselves.

Thus, the following elements were definded: screens, test panels, presentation panels, seating elements, standing elements, light panels, and logo panels.

The result was a hexagonal tube in the style of the classic pen shape, where the required elements were placed within a continuous grid. 

In order to place the products in the limelight appropriately, colours were avoided on the whole. Even the lighting is bright white. Walls and ceilings are made from mineral composite material, and combined with epoxy resin flooring. Only the sales counter and the presentation panels are coloured in the significant red of the Stabilo brand and serve as reference points for orientation.

The back of the room was equipped with a projection wall, that illuminates in all all colours of the famous Stabilo highlighters. At dusk, this installation fills the room with a touch of colour. The automated rotation of the tones catch the attention of passers-by. This interplay creates an atmospheric ambience, which is dominated by the shape and the unobtrusive colour on white.
Furthermore, the unlimited combinations of vantage points, colour, and the flexible arrangement of testing panels and seating elements, result in various different set-ups of the shop, constantly reinventing it.

The turning displays were custom-built for this shop. The pens are presented on the front. If the customer wishes to buy, he or she pushes a button and the display turns by 180 or 90 degrees and presents the pens for sale. 

This new shop concept forms the base for the corporate design guidelines of the brand.


Stabilo Flagshipstore

Wien 1070



75 m² Nutzfläche

Gerald Liebminger